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Curious about car loans but not sure how to qualify? Our team here at Aspen Ford is dedicated to helping each driver that walks through our doors when it comes to financing education. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about auto loans -- including how to get approved! Don’t let bad credit stop you, we have options for people in every financial situation. Follow this guide to rock that first appointment and apply like a finance pro!

What to Expect When You Apply for a Car Loan

First things first, your financial rep is going to need to get to know you -- who you are, what your SIN number is (yes, it's required for credit history purposes), where you live and what kind of employment you have. Once this info is collected, the rep will be able to paint a picture of your current circumstances. This is used to help calculate your current debt load by factoring all other financial responsibilities like rent or other loan payments that you may have. But there's another factor at play that will affect the deal just as much as these ratios.

How to Find Your Credit Score

This step is super important. A credit score helps financial institutions determine how likely you are to repay them based on how you’ve paid back loans and other lending products in the past. Every Canadian over the age of 18 has a score anywhere between 300 and 900. The higher the score, the less risky a bank will view lending to you. So how do you find out where you rank?

Back in the day, the only way to check your score was to go through a lengthy process with Equifax or a similar credit company -- and they’d lower your score for enquiring! Thankfully, those days are gone as now companies like Credit Karma and Borrowell offer free credit checks so you can stay up to date on your lending health from the palm of your hand. Simply download one of their apps, enter your info and you’ll be told your score in moments -- simple and painless!

What to Bring to Your Car Loan Appointment:

• Government Approved ID (Drivers Licence, Passport, etc)

• A recent bill with your home address on it

• A recent pay stub or letter of employment

• Your Social Insurance Number

• A certificate of insurance from your car insurance company

Good, Bad or No Credit; You CAN Get Approved!

Don’t let the past get you down -- Aspen Ford is here to help Stettler drivers with a history get back on the road. We have special provisions for those with less than perfect credit records and we’ll help you find affordable options so you can start building that score back up to where it should be. 

If you’re new to the lending scene, don’t worry! Our experienced team is here to guide you through every step of purchasing and financing your first car and we’ll help you get set up with payments that fit your budget -- even if you’re a student.

Financing Options from Ford

When you choose Ford, you’re choosing better interest rates, loan flexibility and more ways to pay! Learn more about our current purchase and lease incentives now by speaking with a member of our Finance Department here at Aspen Ford. Want a used ride but need peace of mind? Find out how Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles give you the best of both worlds and shop our current inventory to see which CPO listings we’re offering.

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You’ve read our guide and you know what you need. If it’s time to start the process, contact our experienced team to book an appointment or begin the application online below!

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