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Ford is focused on change. We seek to improve and evolve the vehicles you've come to know and love, making them equally more powerful and efficient! The future of cars is shifting away from fossil fuel and charging forward into the world of electric motors. Not sure what electric vehicles have to offer? We're answering all of your burning questions about Ford's hybrid vehicles including the highly anticipated additions coming to our electric car, SUV & truck lineup.

Is Ford Bringing New Electric Cars to Alberta?

Yes, yes -- one thousand times yes! Actually, it’s more like 40 times yes by the year 2022. That’s right; be prepared to meet up to 40 new electric vehicles in the next two years including hybrid versions of fan favourites plus some entirely new model lines. Does the bar we’re aiming for seem a bit high? Perhaps. But we’re fully invested in this change -- $11 billion dollars invested, to be exact.

2004 ford escape hybrid

What is Ford’s History with Hybrid Technology?

How about releasing the very first hybrid SUV to reach the market of all time? It’s true -- our flagship electrified utility vehicle, Escape Hybrid, began turning people green way back in 2004. Since that time, we’ve spent almost 20 years perfecting and improving the hybrid and electric experience, listening directly to owners to learn what the fine people of Alberta need from their rides -- including durability in harsh winters.

"Will There be Cheaper Electric Vehicle Options?"

Ford’s goal is to release electric vehicles at every price point in efforts to help more drivers access this earth-friendly technology. Right now, a mere 2% of buyers are opting to go electric or hybrid and we want to fix that. Our engineers have developed ways to increase efficiency while bringing down cost, leading to powerful electrified models that don’t compromise on comfort or cargo space.

Is F-150 Going Hybrid?

We are proud to confirm that our masterpiece workhorse -- the F150 itself -- is going green in the very near future. Other than fuel-saving economy and nature-safe emissions, expect to see boosted low-end torque for the ultimate towing power. Would an extra generator on the job site come in handy? Hybrid F150 gives drivers the ability to charge tools on the spot thanks to an electric motor component.

ford electric mustang

A Hybrid Mustang, Too?

Once again -- yes! Get ready for muscle car to meet supercar with the new hybrid-electric Mustang. It delivers best-in-class torque for the ultimate burnouts while supplying Albertan diehards of the beloved vehicle a performance dubbed “V8-like”. At Aspen Ford, we’re just as excited to test out this new machine as you are.

Electrified Options for Stettler

Has all this hybrid talk got you pining for an electric ride of your own? Start saving and join the green movement now by shopping our current inventory of quality hybrid options. Still have questions? Reach out to our team and get informed about all of the reasons to invest in the future of electric vehicles in Canada.

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