Get a Car With Bad Credit

Having bad credit shouldn’t be a life sentence. At Aspen Ford, we believe in second (or even third!) chances, and our team is here to help you find the car you need with a payment plan that you can afford, no matter what your credit score is.

Auto Financing in Alberta for all Situations

We get it - life happens. Whether you’ve lost your job, were injured at work, are new to the country or have experienced some other setback, having poor credit should not be a barrier to driving a dependable car. So how can Aspen Ford help you get a car loan with bad, or even no, credit?

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Check Your Credit Score

Checking your credit history used to negatively affect your score (ack - we know!), but with online resources like Borrowell and Credit Karma, Canadians can now easily pull up their credit report without impacting their credit score. Once you’ve accessed your credit history, we can get to work figuring out which type of auto loan you qualify for.


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Find the Perfect Vehicle

It’s important to set a clear budget. Making regular loan payments will improve your credit score, so we want to make sure your monthly payments are easily affordable. Armed with a budget, it’s time to start shopping! Browse our inventory of new and used cars, trucks and SUVs and let us know which vehicles catch your eye. Using our Car Finder program, we can also search for vehicles that fit within your budget and bring them to you.

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Get Approved for a Car Loan

Our Finance Department has access to lenders all across Alberta. We’ll shop around for flexible terms and affordable rates, and present you with your best options. The Aspen Ford Finance Department represents you - not the banks - so we do everything within our power to find the absolute best car loan possible for your needs and budget.


Why Alberta Chooses Aspen Ford for Bad Credit Car Loans

Our team of finance managers have helped folks with a wide range of credit scores from Stettler, Calgary, Red Deer and beyond secure affordable auto loans. It’s impossible to get to work, school or even the grocery store in Alberta without a reliable set of wheels - that’s why we work so hard to help our community members get back on their feet by finding them great vehicles, and even better financing options.

Ready to Get Approved?

Don’t give your credit score a second thought. Good, bad or even no credit - we’re here to help you get approved for the car loan you need. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Finance Department team members to learn more about poor credit car loans with Aspen Ford, or start your application online today!

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