We Care About Community

At Aspen Ford Sales Ltd

From programs for local kids to health and emergency services, Aspen Ford gets involved. We don't just work here -- we're raising our families here and we believe that Stettler has a bright future. When we're not selling amazing cars, trucks and SUVs to the fine people of Stettler, you'll find us at local charities, galas and sporting events giving back any way we can.

Learn about the organizations and charities that are closest to our hearts below and find out how you can get involved too!


Stettler Lightning

What is more Canadian than supporting the local Junior B Hockey Team? Nothing, that's what. We want our young people to learn about teamwork, hard work and determination and nothing does the job quite like rep hockey. Why not drive out to a game in your new Ford and support the Lightning?


Rotary Club of Stettler

Taking on community projects left, right and centre, the Rotary Club of Stettler gets things done -- and that's why we here at Aspen Ford support them. Find out what our local chapter is working on today and lend a helping hand if you can.


Heartland Youth Centre

Kids are the future and Aspen Ford believes that everyone deserves a good start. We are proud to donate to Heartland Youth Centre -- an organization that puts together more than 20 programs each year including drop-ins, day camps and even cooking classes for young chefs-in-training!


Stettler Curling Club

Team sports are a great way to meet your neighbours and there's no better place to do it than at the Stettler Curling Club. Members stay active while forming friendships at this treasured community hub. Show off your new wheels and come out to the next event!


Kid Sport Stettler

Aspen Ford wants all kids to be able to get involved with a team sport. That's why we stand behind Kid Sport Stettler -- a program that helps children from families who may not be in a financial situation where they can pay for organized sports.


Heartland Victims Services

When tragedy strikes in the Stettler area, Heartland Victims Services is there to help. Lending a hand when folks need it most, this organization is committed to getting people back on their feet after devastating events.

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Stettler & District Handi-bus

Aspen Ford cares about all residents -- from wee babes to our experienced senior sector. We are glad to support the local Handibus, which provides transportation for our beloved older ones who do not have access to a vehicle. In the spirit of Handibus, why not go take grandma or grandpa out for a rip in your new Ford?


Stettler Public School

Ah -- high school, a place full of discovery and embarrassing social settings. But in all seriousness, Aspen Ford is happy to invest in Stettler's soon-to-be adults by supporting extra programs offered at our local high school.


Christ King School

Our neighbourhood catholic school is doing great things for young students! We're proud to be a part of an institution that is helping develop the future thinkers in our community.


Stettler Elks Club

The Elks of Canada put endless hours of volunteer work into our community taking on projects and helping out wherever they're needed. Aspen Ford is happy to support them in their endeavours.


The Princess Ball

A fun event kids love that helps raise funds for cystic fibrosis -- that's what we call a win! Little princesses and prince charmings are invited with their parents for an afternoon of good times all for a good cause. You bet we're a part of this one!


Communities in Blume Stettler

We believe in green communities -- so much so that we're happy to donate to the Communities in Blume initiative. This program puts the focus on keeping nature in our neighbourhoods with green grass, trees and garden parks.


Stettler Mental Health

Aspen Ford believes in supporting all in our community including those with mental issues or struggles with addiction. Giving this vulnerable group the resources they need to succeed is something we're honoured to help with.


Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

What would Alberta be without rodeos? We hope we never have to find out -- and that's why we're proud sponsors of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association. Check out real horse (and bull) power in action as these skilled riders show their stuff.


Stettler Regional Fire Department

There aren't many causes more valiant than donating to our local heroes at the Fire Department. Aspen Ford stands behind Stettler's firefighters as they continue their life-saving work!


Stettler Board of Trade

Aspen Ford is a proud member of our local chamber where we support businesses in the area and help with events that boost commerce within Stettler.

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