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By: Aspen Ford   |   26 Mar 2020
Aspen Ford Limo Services

Here in Stettler, Alberta, Aspen Ford is famous for a few things: our unparalleled customer service, our extensive selection of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs, our highly-skilled Service Department - and our Aspen Ford limo! You’ve probably seen our limo cruising the streets of Stettler and rolling up to unexpected places, like worksites and even schools. You may be wondering, “What’s the story with the Aspen Ford limo, anyway?” Well, it serves a few very important functions in our community!


aspen ford limo service

Receive the Star Treatment During Service Appointments

When you bring your vehicle for maintenance or repairs at our Service Centre, sometimes you’ll be able to wait while our team efficiently gets you back on the road; but we all know that every once in a while even top-quality Ford vehicles need to spend a day or two in a service bay getting some much needed TLC. Instead of leaving you with the inconvenience of organizing your own transportation, we provide free shuttle service around Stettler in our famous limo! That’s right, not only will you drop your wheels off to get serviced by some of the best technicians in the business, but then you’ll also be dropped off wherever you need to go in our shiny, white stretch limo. Now that’s the star treatment!

The Aspen Ford Limo Helps With Charity

The entire Aspen Ford team are proud members of the Stettler community, and we believe that our hard work should continue even off the lot. We take part in dozens of charity events every year to help support programs for local kids, families in need, health and emergency services, environmental concerns and so much more. You may have spotted our white limo at charities, galas and sporting events, as we give back in any way we can. We’ve raffled off limo rides, transported teams to events and even delivered goods across Stettler in our Aspen Ford Limo!


aspen ford limo charity events

Aspen Ford Cares About Our Community

Above all else, we make it our priority to support our community however we can. From the services that we provide both on and off the lot, we are always hard at work trying to make Stettler a happy and healthy place for all of its residents. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about Aspen Ford’s selection of top-quality and affordable Ford vehicles, Service Centre, involvement with local charities and limo services - we would love to hear from you!

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